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The Australian Golf Heritage Society is not alone in what it does. There are similar entities all over the world that have much the same aims, and go about achieving those aims in much the same way. When you add to this dedicated golf museums, entities that manufacture and market equipment for the heritage golf market, and administrative bodies, it becomes apparent that there are more than a few fingers in the heritage golf pie. These are the ones we know about.

Supporting Clubs - clubs who support the AGHS through membership of the Society.

Heritage Golf Societies - kindred societies in other parts of Australia and the world.

Heritage Golf Equipment - sellers, resellers and manufacturers of heritage golf essentials.

Administrative Bodies - organisations responsible for running the game of golf, both here and overseas.

Supporting Clubs

 Royal Sydney Golf Club

 Long Reef Golf Club
The Australian Golf Club
 The Australian Golf Club

 Concord Golf Club

 Bonnie Doon Golf Club

 Carnarvon Golf Club

 Easts Leisure and Golf Club

 Elanora Country Club

 Killara Golf Club
Massey Park Golf Club
 Massey Park Golf Club

 The Masters Pennant Association

 Pennant Hills Golf Club

Heritage Golf Societies

Hickory Golfers
 Hickory Golfers - Play hickory golf in and around Brisbane, plus
 excellent tips and 'how-tos' from an expert on club repair and restoration.

 Golf Society of Australia - Researching and preserving the history of
 golf  in Australia.

 British Golf Collectors Society - Promoting interest in the traditions
 and history of golf.
– Promoting interest in the traditions and history of golf. - See more at: http://www.australiangolfheritage.org.au/?page_id=787#sthash.TSSFwer7.dpuf
– Promoting interest in the traditions and history of golf. - See more at: http://www.australiangolfheritage.org.au/?page_id=787#sthash.TSSFwer7.dpuf
– Promoting interest in the traditions and history of golf. - See more at: http://www.australiangolfheritage.org.au/?page_id=787#sthash.TSSFwer7.dpuf

 Society of Hickory Golfers - dedicated to the enjoyment of play with
 wooden-shafted golf clubs in the U.S..

 The U.S. Golf Collectors Society - an international organisation 
 dedicated to preserving the treasures and traditions of the game of golf.

 British Golf Museum - the world's premier heritage centre for golf.

 The Leith Society - derives its name from "The Leith Code", the
 traditional name of the first known written rules of golf.

 Golf Historical Society of Canada - We know about hickory golf clubs
 . . . We play with them . . . We collect them . . . We learn about them.

 The Origins of Golf at North Berwick - students of the game in
 Australia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries will
 recognise a lot of  names on these pages. Biographical information

 European Association of Golf Historians and Collectors - or
 l'Association Europeene des Historiens & Collectionneurs de golf.

 hickorygolf.com - dedicated to encouraging the enjoyment of playing
 the great game of Golf with authentic hickory shafted clubs. (U.S.)
North West Hickory Players
 North West Hickory Players - The Pacific Northwest's Home for
 Hickory Golf (U.S.)

 USGA Museum - explore more than a century of golf's classic moments.

 UK Lake Balls Golf Museum - dedicated to the history of the golf ball.

 World Hickory Open Championship - the world’s leading hickory golf
 event is celebrating its 10th birthday and, played in the legendary golfing
 landscape of Carnoustie Country, is doing so in style.

 Play Hickory - Hickory Golf - As It Used To Be

 Hickory Golf Association - Maintaining the classic tradition of Hickory

 Professional Hickory Golfers Association - An Association of Golf
 Professionals who appreciate the origins of our game. (U.S.)

 Hickory Golf Hub - Dedicated to promoting and growing the Grand Ole
 Game in the Grand Ole Way it was originally played. (U.S.)

Heritage Golf Equipment

 The Hickory Golfer - Everything related to golfing with hickory shafted
 golf clubs. Replacement shafts and grips available from here. (U.S.)

 McIntyre Golf Company - Makers and retailers of a range of
 reproduction balls for hickory play – gutties, brambles, meshes and
 dimples. (U.S.)

 Steurer & Jacoby - Makers of fine handcrafted canvas and leather
 goods, including leather and canvas duck golf club carriers, leather golf
 club carriers, leather head covers, and wooden golf club  carrier stands.

 Hickory Golf Workshop - site devoted to selling grip leather and tools,
 pencil golf bags and repair service. Some handy YouTube videos on how
 to re-grip your clubs and also clubs for sale. (U.S.)

 Antique Hickory Golf Clubs - for the serious collector and hickory
 player. (U.K.)

 Hickory Golf Grips - A selection of grips, along with other heritage golf
 equipment. (U.K.)

 Wood Shaft Golf - basically a portal to a selling concern, the site also
 includes some articles and club repair & maintenance videos. (U.S.)

Administrative Bodies

 Golf Australia - national organisation overseeing the future of golf
 in Australia.

 Golf NSW - administering golf in NSW.

 Golf Victoria - the home of Victorian golf.
Golf Queensland
 Golf Queensland - aims to promote and foster the game of golf,
 preserve its traditions and encourage existing golfers to realise their
 potential and athletic abilities and develop golfing  talent.
Golf SA
 Golf SA - The primary objective of Golf SA is to promote, encourage
 and advance the game of golf.
Golf NT
 Golf NT - representing the sport of golf in the Northern Territory of
Golf WA
 Golf WA - the State Body for Amateur Golf in Western
 Australia, providing opportunities for everyone to play and learn the
 game of golf at all levels.
Golf TA
 Golf Tasmania - administering golf in Tasmania.
PGA Australia
 PGA of Australia - the second oldest PGA in the world, promoting the
 game to everyone,  everywhere.
R & A
 The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews - Working for golf.
 United States Golf Association - For the good of the game.



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