Hickory Golf

To promote the regular celebration of the origins of the game, the AGHS organises golf events where members and non-members can set themselves the challenge of playing with hickory shafted clubs at various courses throughout the year. Most events are played off handicap.

The main event of the year is the Australian Hickory Shaft Championship, eighteen holes of individual stroke play for both ladies and gentlemen, with separate handicap events in conjunction.

The Society is also able to create “The Hickory Experience” for interested clubs and groups. The Society can reproduce visions of the bygone days; provide tactile display items; screen short videos; and arrange access to hickory sets for single tees through to a full round.

The Society can also advise members on how to go about acquiring a set of hickory golf clubs, and advise clubs on setting up a course for hickory play.

Hickory News is where you can find the latest information on AGHS events and details on how to register to play, plus other items of general 'hickory' interest.

Hickory Event Results is where you can find on-the-spot commentary on the AGHS play events, and the results of all AGHS organised or sanctioned events.

Hickory Honour Boards celebrate past winners of AGHS organised and sanctioned events, and record for posterity the deeds of the victors.

Hickory conditions of play are required due to the nature of the equipment, and the nature of the game. Find out what they are right here.


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