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The Australian Golf Heritage Society aims to:

  1. Encourage the collection, recording and preservation of information that is connected to the history of golf in Australia;
  2. Verify the authenticity of physical items associated with the history of golf in Australia, and provide a means of storing, restoring and displaying these physical items;
  3. Inform golfers, golf clubs and the wider community of this information and display these physical items in a manner which tells their story, and;
  4. Promote hickory events as a celebration of the origins of the game.

The Australian Golf Heritage Society began as a private collection in 1973. The collection
was formalised when it was donated to the Golf Collector’s Society in 1995. The Golf
Collector’s Society became the Australian Golf Heritage Society (AGHS) in 2008 to give a
more representative description of the Society’s interests and scope.

The aim is to collect, conserve, research and exhibit objects and information of golfing
heritage to raise the golfing community’s awareness of golf’s history and the place of that
history in the development of the modern game. The Museum’s policy objective is to
respect and conserve the history of golf in Australia.

In 2000, the collection was moved to its present location on the first floor of Golf Mart
Granville (shop) at 4 Parramatta Road Granville. The Museum is managed on a part time,
basis by a Curator/Collection manager but is predominantly run by volunteers. It is open to the public on Sundays from 10am to 4pm and by appointment.

Besides on-site visitation, the collection reaches a large number of people in the golfing
community through displays that are put on at various golf events. Parts of the collection
are travelled in Sydney, NSW, and sometimes interstate as funding permits.

The 2012 significance assessment conducted by Significance International states that ‘the
Australian Golf Heritage Society collection is significant for its association with professional
golf in Australia, for its role in documenting the history, technicality, personality, and
popular culture of the game generally, and for making this publically accessible. The
collection is primarily of historic significance, but is also socially significant to the many
people who continue to make the sport the cornerstone of their lives – notably the amateur
and professional members of the Society, distributed around Australia.’


 Contact for Museum  Museum
 02 96374720
 (Sunday 10am-4pm only)
 Contact for 'The Brassie'  Museum
 Contact for playing events  Ross Howard
 02 99757681
 Contact for the History Sub-Committee  Dr Michael Sheret
 02 95696861
 Contacts for AGHS Queensland Chapter  Andrew Baker
 Ross Haslam
 Contact for Website  Steve Doorey


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