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#1 11-11-2016 16:14:27

Scottish Bob
Registered: 19-04-2016
Posts: 4

Golf Club Scorecard

Hi Everyone.

I am wondering if anyone can please help me, I am trying to obtain a golf club scorecard from The Ellerston Golf Club, new, used or old it would not matter, I believe it is a very private golf club belonging to Kerry Packers fanmily and if anone can help me I am more than willing to pay for the postage

I would be very grateful for any ones help

Have a great day

Best Regards.

Scottish bob


#2 11-11-2016 18:21:09

From: Chipping Norton NSW
Registered: 19-10-2015
Posts: 51

Re: Golf Club Scorecard

Hello Bob.

The next issue of "The Brassie" is due out in early December, and it was our intention to include a 'Buy, Swap and Sell' section. I'll make sure that your request goes in there.

What would you prefer as contact, email or phone?



Gone golfing - be back at dark thirty.


#3 13-11-2016 12:42:39

Scottish Bob
Registered: 19-04-2016
Posts: 4

Re: Golf Club Scorecard

Hi Steve.

Thank you very much for your kindness if anyone can help me by email would be fine, and i do not mind you publishing my email address.

Steve I also have an idea about how the A.G.H.S. could maybe raise a few dollars for their museum, I will email you with the details if you think they might be interested

Have a great day mate



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