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#1 11-05-2016 11:58:40

Scottish Bob
Registered: 19-04-2016
Posts: 4

Golf Club Scorecards

Hi Everyone.
This is my first time posting on your forum, so I would like to introduce myself to you all, my name is Bob Davies but also known as "Scottish Bob" and yes I am Scottish, 73 years young,  married with 3 grown up children & 3 grandchildren.

My interests are Golf, football all codes, surf fishing, and collecting golf club scorecards from around the world, I have 3 separate collection my first and most important to me is what I call "The Oldest Golf Club Scorecards Of The World" where I have just one scorecard from each and every countries Oldest Golf Club and as some of you will know that can be like opening Pandora's Box at this point in time I do have 256 different countries, Islands, and places where there is no golf courses as we know them, I also Have a Unique Scorecard collection and A Snow Golf & Ice Collection.

If anyone is interested in collecting scorecards from around the world or knows some one who is please just drop me a line as I have spare scorecards from everywhere, if anyone has any unique scorecards from remote places please drop me a line.

I will close for now and hope to be a regular blogger.

Scottish Bob



#2 14-05-2016 17:24:26

From: Chipping Norton NSW
Registered: 19-10-2015
Posts: 51

Re: Golf Club Scorecards

Welcome Bob - hope you get some enjoyment from the forum.

I have a few cards, but they are more about places that I've been. As someone whose collection is a little more extensive . . .

1. Do you have start and finish date for your collection, or does it just keep expanding?

2. Do you keep updating your collection from particular courses, i.e. if the design changes, if they change their sponsor, or the pro changes,
    or the hole index is updated?

3. How do you index something like your collection?

Gone golfing - be back at dark thirty.


#3 04-07-2016 15:10:33

Scottish Bob
Registered: 19-04-2016
Posts: 4

Re: Golf Club Scorecards

Hi Putter.
I am very sorry for the very late reply to your reply to my own post, I have had terrible trouble with my computer and also getting a password to work for me, but Steve was kind enough to sort that problem right, and my computer is now okay.

I stated collecting about 10 years ago and I now have only have 2 countries left in the world to obtain agolf club scorecard from that I know of who are busy building golf courses to play golf one is Montenegro which should have a course opening this July but I have heard nothing about it opening yet, the other country is Albania they have a golf union but no course as yet. as for finishing collecting as long as new courses are being built I will keep on collecting

I do a lot of trading with other collectors from around the world with spare scorecards that I received from golfers all around the world, and yes I like to keep cards from courses that have new designed versions of the golf for how I store my scorecards by Continent then countries alphabetically, and I am always willing to accept any new or used scorecards from any golfers out there who has no longer a use for them, or if any golfers would like to obtain any scorecards from me I am only to willing to help them out.

Thank you for your interest Putter talk soon

Scottish Bob

when I am finished I would like to leave my collection to a museum if they are interested at the time


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