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#1 22-11-2015 14:16:52

Registered: 19-10-2015
Posts: 37

Repairing split/cracked Hickory shafts

What does everybody do to repair cracked/split/damaged hickory shafts.

I have broken a couple off at the hosel which, as far as I know, is the end for that shaft except for maybe in a putter. I have repaired one using casting resin and a brass pin/dowel which may be ok in a putter but no good for anything else. (see photos).

Small cracks and splits I generally glue and clamp (either wood glue or epoxy) and then sometimes whip around the damaged area as well.
I have recently had a couple of very bad splits ((300-500mm long) that I have used epoxy with hose clamps. Both in right-handed clubs so haven't been able to test under playing conditions. Both of these repairs were undetectable when finished.

I know Rob has some unique methods he uses for repairing damaged shafts for play which I can verify as being very effective.
What is everybody else doing??





#2 22-11-2015 18:59:45

Registered: 20-10-2015
Posts: 4

Re: Repairing split/cracked Hickory shafts

Selleys Knead It

Two part epoxy that you can sand and shape once set.

We use it on every tip when removed. It is great for filling in the original pin hole. Then you can redrill a new pin hole that has more grab on the pin.


#3 24-11-2015 20:38:30

From: Chipping Norton NSW
Registered: 19-10-2015
Posts: 51

Re: Repairing split/cracked Hickory shafts

For cracks and splits, I use TechGrip.

It's a polyurethane glue that Tony Doggett put me on to. The advantage I've found with this stuff is that it expands as it cures and fills those nooks and crannies you might have missed when spreading anything else around. Having said that, it does need to be well clamped.

It also works very well with 1/8" dowels when repairing cracked wood heads.

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