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#1 23-10-2015 19:03:25

Registered: 20-10-2015
Posts: 4

Australian Open 2015

Hi Guys

Looks like I will be in Sydney for the week of the Australian Open tournament at the Aussie.

Just wondering if anyone has a schedule / plan of attack for the AGHS and its display at the tournament.

If the stars align I might be able to help out?

Otherwise who should I speak to about the display / tent at the tournament.

In an ideal world it would be great for us to put on a playing display but that may be years away.

Cheers  Darron


#2 23-10-2015 19:54:18

From: Chipping Norton NSW
Registered: 19-10-2015
Posts: 51

Re: Australian Open 2015


As a non-commercial (read non-paying) enterprise, we are a little limited in what we can do. Generally, it is just sit around and watch either Ross Baker or Norm Richardson work on club repairs/manufacture, and answer questions. Tom Moore generally takes some of his collection for display, Tony Doggett does the same, and even I have taken along a few bits and bobs.

Ross Baker is supposed to be coming up from Tasmania, so he will probably do his 'make a club' over the four days. Best to speak to Tom about anything specific you can contribute.

A couple of years ago, Royal Sydney cut half a dozen holes in one of the green of their Centenary course, and let us use it with hickory putters. It was absolutely full on for the two days I was out there - generated a lot of interest, and we sold a lot of putters. Even allowing people to have a hit with a hickory club would be a step in the right direction, but there are - I understand - a few insurance considerations.

Gone golfing - be back at dark thirty.


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